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Drive traffic to Your Site

Search Engine Optimization and Web Site Marketing

Wondering why no one is visiting your great new web site? Perhaps you overlooked important behind the scenes details that help the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) add your site to their search databases. Some people will throw words like meta tags at you like they are magic (they aren’t!), but do you know the most important element for good search engine ranking: it’s the CONTENT! Careful choice of the words on your site, especially your home page, is crucial to the getting high search engine rankings for the search words that are important to you and your potential web visitors. By the way, this is why we feel it crucial for you to be able to update your site with content management. Other elements critical for search engine success include:

  • Page titles—those often overlooked page names that appear in the top title bar of your browser.
  • "Alt" text for images. Search engines can’t tell what your pictures are showing, so they look at this hidden text.
  • Page headings, which are weighted more heavily than body text in search engine rankings.
  • Recurrence of search words within your site, used reasonably.
  • Links to and from your site from other related sites--this is a big factor and one that you can build up over time.

Marketing your Site

In addition to the "organic" search results, the web listings that appear naturally based on the search engine formulas and not affected by sponsorship or any other outside influences, there are paid options that you can use to promote your site. Google Adwords is the most well known and widely distributed option.