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We have a diverse group of clients, and diverse styles to match. We can accomodate whatever type of design you are looking for. Below are samples of some of our recent work.

Graduate Program in Life Sciences, University of Maryland Baltimore External link symbol

Created: September 28, 2010

The Graduate Program in Life Sciences recently redesigned their web site to give it a contemporary and attention grabbing appearance. This is the second content management enabled version of their site, and the Program has been enjoying the benefits of instant updates for a few years. Now they were able to experience the easy of changing their site's design, while keeping whatever previous content and features they wished to reuse.

Keystone Kids Early Learning Center External link symbol

Created: April 29, 2010

Keystone Kids Early Learning Center was looking for a design that would be fun yet professional. The corkboard metaphor provides that fun experience with site elements that appear to jump off the page. And of course the Center's staff is able to quickly update the site to keep parents informed about important information such as late openings and other unexpected events.

Bellomo and Associates, LLC External link symbol

Created: July 01, 2010

Bellomo and Associates is a relatively new law firm in York, Pennsylvania and they wanted to make their presence known with a web site that incorporates a fresh new look (no stodgy law books here!) and contemporary elements such as social media integration. In doing so, they became the first lawyers in York to connect with clients through Facebook and Twitter!

ACS Division of Chemical Toxicology External link symbol

Created: October 05, 2010

The ACS Division of Toxicology recently sought the assistance of Modern Tymes so they could easily update their web site and keep the content fresh. In addition, they wanted to add contemporary elements such as social media integration (note the FaceBook page status updates) and add interactivity with online discussion groups.