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Want to take control of your website, updating instantly and easily?
Have a site that no one can find? Do you need more visitors to your web site?
If a web site is created on the Internet and no one visits, does it really exist? Drive traffic to your web site with search engine optimization and web marketing. Why invest in any web site design if your potential customers can't find it? We can help you get found in the search engines, as well as promote your site through Internet marketing campaigns.
Trying to find a way to use social networking for your business?
Do you need to share information with your department, team, or group anywhere in the world?
How do you keep track of what everyone is doing, especially with a group that is geographically dispersed? What about the file you need to show to entire team, revised and shown again? You need an Intranet for your group! You'll have a secure web site, accessible from anywhere in the world, with your calendar, contacts, shared documents, and any other information that you need to distribute.
Just trying to get started with your first web site?
Do you need to sell something on your site and accept credit card payments?
We can help you get started without the usual headaches of being an online merchant. Whether you want to sell items from an extensive catalog of merchandise or just allow for members of your group to pay dues, we'll make it simple to collect money online, simply and securely.
The Evolution of Communications
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Modern Web Site Development

Communications is constantly evolving and so should your web site! What worked yesterday may not work today. People expect to see up to date information every time they visit, and you hope they visit frequently! Modern Tymes will help you navigate the maze of today's technology to develop and sustain a site that meets your needs for today with the capability to grow for tomorrow.

Modern Tymes is a web site development company that can assist you with all aspects of Internet communications, including:

  • web site design
  • email and web site hosting
  • creating your social media presence
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Internet marketing
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