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Content Management System

Imagine updating your web site instantly, with NO special software and NO advanced technical training. That’s what content management is all about. We create a great design for your site, with your input, and set up the initial site pages if you like. Once we teach you the basics, you are ready to update text or graphics for any existing page as well as add new pages. You’ll be able to easily change your site's navigation and add advanced components like news, calendars, and video—whatever you can imagine.

Are you qualified?

Not sure if you have the skills to update your site? Ask yourself if you can do these three things:

  1. Login using a username and password
    This is often the trickiest part!
  2. Edit text using some basic word processing skills
    Ever compose a document in Microsoft Word? If so, you should be an expert with editing the text of your web site. Adding images isn't much harder, especially if you've played with the pictures from your digital camera.
  3. Fill out some simple web forms
    Ever buy something online? If so, you can handle this part.

Still not convinced you’re ready to modify your own web site? The content management system we use has several “safety nets" to prevent you from making catastrophic mistakes, some of these include:

  • The ubiquitous undo button
  • Version history for each page allows rolling back to any previously saved version
  • Recycle bin for anything accidentally deleted
  • Optional approval procedure and draft versions to review changes before they go live for the world to see

We always include the (highly recommended) option of training, just to get you familiar with the new system. We can come to your place and sit down with your team of web content creators for some personalized training by one of our web design experts. And don't worry—even though we're experts, that doesn't mean we'll talk like we are! We won't confuse you with techno-babble, and we will make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of editing your site. And later, if you need a quick refresher, we can train virtually through a web meeting.